Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sketchbook post

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Recent sketchbook pages:

Train sketching.

And this is from photo reference.

I'm really sick of being in the military- it does kill alot of my spirit to learn stuff which I want to be good at when I enter civvie life again. Oh wells! Well at least I did quite a bit of reading in the past 2 months- two books by Doestoevsky- and I finished Les Miserables in basic military training.

Well cheers to everyone, and have a good week ahead!



Sleech said...

Dude, I love your lines! Very elegant.

How far into the military service are you? Here in Norway the military service is only for 1 year (it's 2 in singapore, right?), but I got out of it since I had already been accepted at my school, and our military doesn't really need that many recruits. Anyway, hang in there! :)

Beanarian said...

Hey thanks for the compliment!

I have 1 and a half more years to go. I know that it isn't that long, but it sure feels like it when I'm not even half-way through. I gripe about the fact that some of my former schoolmates are already moving on in their careers, holding exhibitions, taking their degress, etc.. Haha it's sad that we are such a small small nation.. so I guess we need everyone we can get into our military.

Post more whenever you can. Appreciate your contributions. Cheers! :)